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Muscular Man Ultra-Realistic Silicone Cosplay Costume (6 Colors)

15 reviews
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Muscular Man Ultra-Realistic Silicone Cosplay Costume (6 Colors)

Have you ever seen the cool or bully guys in anime with massive muscles and a smart body? If you are a regular anime watcher, then you would definitely have! We all know that the bodies shown in animes or even different movies or TV shows are over-exaggerating, but now they can also become reality for you with this ultra-realistic cosplay suit.

You can give yourself a very unique look that could enhance your neck, chest, and belly in the smartest way possible. This neck-to-belly masculine silicone costume also comes in different colors so that you can pick the one according to your skin color.


  • Colors: 6
  • Sizes: Small, Large (Check the chart below)
  • Weight: ~4kg
  • Material: Silicone
  • Theme: None

KnowU Cosplay Male Suit Fake Belly Muscle Men's Chest Crossdresser Macho Realistic Silicone Artificial Simulation Pectoralis
KnowU Cosplay Male Suit Fake Belly Muscle Men's Chest Crossdresser Macho Realistic Silicone Artificial Simulation Pectoralis
KnowU Cosplay Male Suit Fake Belly Muscle Men's Chest Crossdresser Macho Realistic Silicone Artificial Simulation Pectoralis


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    15 reviews
    Buyers enjoyed this product!
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    1. E***o

      I’M SO FREAKING IN LOVE is perfect for color and It’s comfortable when u wear it✨

    2. D***s

      Awesome !! So soft and easy to put on, The best one I saw !! I recommend 100% and the shipping was SO FAST ! Thank you so much !!

    3. V***v

      Amazing, I do need to color correct but I had a feeling coming in that I would have to. I have medium to dark olive skin depending on the season. the latex quality is phenomenal I plan to buy from here again as well as recommend to friends!

    4. P***a

      The product is amazing! a little hard to take It off, but I think with practice, I’ll be able to. it’s awesome!

    5. Customer

      super fast shipping and I was pleased with the stores response to my questions. the edges are thicker then expected. but the sculpt is very nice.

    6. Customer

      Very naise, but hard to wear

    7. V***f

      Fantastic!!! Hands down a worthwhile purchase. The size I bought fits perfectly and matches my skin tone really well. I’m paler than the lightest shade but it doesn’t show a difference on camera. Be warned, it’s HEAVY but once you’re wearing it, it isn’t too bad.

    8. E***i

      This is… Just: wow. The bust is perfect, the size is perfect, and it’s so realistic. The only thing is that the border might be better if thinner (it’s almost 0,5 cm); but, in photosets, it’s easy to cover it with the editing! The shipping is fast and good (almost a week)

    9. B***a

      Just perfect! The store is really nice, they responded very fast also. The size is perfect for me but it was a bit traumatic to put on I felt like I was suffocating, it’s really strange but I guess I have to get used to it ahahah

    10. B***i

      Arrived very quickly and store helped provide accurate color options, I chose 3 and it’s pretty close to my medium tan skin color in certain lighting and photos! Nothing a little bit of airbrushing can’t fix since it’s definitely close in tone to my olive skin! Just needs a bit of blush to balance it out! Followed the instructions, very easy to put on and take off also comfy to wear! Opens up so many cosplay opportunities, this is really amazing!

    11. E***r

      I was surprised by the quality and realism of this product! The muscle movements are very lifelike. I have fair skin(porcelain-ivory makeup), but the color is close to accurate. The silicone reflects light differently than skin, so pictures actually look worse than real life. I think if I add some blush and contouring to the suit, it would become pretty convincing. It also did a great job of hiding my large chest (34G cups), and when I wear a binder underneath it becomes almost completely unnoticeable. Cons: The seam lines are pretty noticeable in photos. It’s very heavy and uncomfortable, so I recommend wearing a thin shirt underneath. I have a fat neck, and it pushes my double chin out like a muffin top lmao The edges are very thick (but this also makes it more durable) Overall, I think it is a pretty high quality product for a relatively low price. Using the right angles and lighting, you can get some perfectly life-like pictures.

    12. S***k

      10/5! the product exceeded my expectations! I was afraid that it would be too small for me because I am not a slim person but I feel fantastic in it! It doesn’t constrict anywhere, it’s not too short. I really recommend!

    13. S***i

      It’s beautifull, perfect, the crew was very kind. BUT, you should be more careful about how you fold it, because the material stretches and wrinkles

    14. M***s

      I love it so much! store was so lovely and helped with getting the right colour! only thing is its a tiny bit yellowish so I’m hoping its not that noticeable to others!

    15. P***n

      these look so realistic and i scared my followers with this. matched my skin tone pretty well and I am kind of a pale tan color. if you have bigger breasts, it’ll add volume to the lower pec/rib area of the chest but it will still look realistic. its quite heavy. the silicone is stretchy and it is not sticky like a female breast one that I have. overall, im very satisfied.

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